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Even if the defect of the delivered products is minimal, please be assured we will solve the problem immediately and to your satisfaction. It is in our interest to handle everything as quickly as possible, so you do not need to worry about having to wait longer than necessary (we are usually able to have everything resolved within a few days). 

When can I file a complaint?

We are responsible for defects of the goods at the time of delivery or those that manifest within 24 months after delivery. We are, however, not responsible for new defects, especially if these were caused by incorrect use of the product. In case of a used product we are not responsible for defects that correspond with how much the product has been used, or defects of used products at the time of delivery. In case of products with a stated expiration date, we also bear responsibility for the product being suitable for use during this time.

We remind customers that a heightened sensitivity or an allergic reaction to a purchased product does not on its own constitute a defect. Similarly, defects of free gifts or other goods that are free of charge and were not one of your ordered goods cannot be considered grounds for complaint. Photographs on our website have an illustrative purpose and are not a binding representation of the characteristics of the product (for instance the packaging might be different due to changes on the part of the manufacturer). 

What are my rights when filing a complaint?

In case of a defective product, we can compensate you in the form of a voucher.

You are also entitled to demand a remedy of the defect through replacement or repair.

If such remedy is impossible or excessive on our part, you are entitled to demand a discount from the price you have paid. In that case, you keep the goods and we repay you part of its purchase price. If the defect is substantial, you can also withdraw from the contract. In that case, you will send us the goods back and we will reimburse you in the full extent of the purchase price. 

How do I file a complaint?

Please fill the complaint form that you will find here:


We will inform you of the progress of the complaint, in particular of its receipt, acceptance or rejection, via e-mail or text messages. We may also contact you by phone.

We will make a decision regarding your complaint without delay. The processing of the complaint including the remedy of the defect will not exceed 30 days. Otherwise, you shall be entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract. It is necessary for you to provide us with the assistance required to meet the above time limit. In case the parcel arrives damaged or there are items missing, we advise our customers to keep all packaging for at least 5 business days as a proof of the claim: photographic evidence of the damage possibly speeds up the claim resolution. 

Contact information

We will be happy to answer all your questions related to the complaint if you contact us at the e-mail address