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It stems from the needs of our most demanding Beauty Adopters, who care about their own well-being and that of the people and environment around them. This is why the customer is at the centre of all our actions.

We want to promote the Uniqueness, Inclusiveness and Identities that are part of each of us so that each of our customers can bring out their own unique beauty and energy.

We know that many of the ingredients to produce our products are a gift from Nature, and because of this, our every action and choice must be committed to maintaining and preserving the environment around us.


We are guided by a single ideal: Sharing Beauty and Well-being with our customers in a more sustainable way than everyone else:

"Making beauty and body care accessible to as many people as possible, with the utmost respect for the diversity and uniqueness of our surroundings."

Our customers are our daily inspiration, the driving force behind a team that puts your needs and wishes at the centre, in a combination of sustainability and passion for our work. Your satisfaction is a real mission for us....

Is it really possible? Yes, because our vision becomes....



Every day we dedicate ourselves to research and development, travelling the world to be able to offer you only the best in quality, searching with extreme care for the elements that can create Innovative, Revolutionary and Eco-formulated products, in order to make them available to all our customers at the most advantageous price.

The companies we collaborate with and all our brands are carefully chosen according to our values and principles and represent a winning combination of Quality, Eco-sustainability and Attention to Result.

We want our customers to feel good about themselves, their environment and equally part of the VERAIS community, sharing our same mission.

Every product we choose is formulated with the Best Ingredients and the Best Raw Materials, respects the Nature that surrounds us, and has the Highest Convenience for our customers.

That is why those who really care about Sustainable Beauty and Well-being choose our products.

Finally, you can get back to liking and caring for yourself again, with products to suit every need. You are not alone, we will accompany you step by step in choosing the right product for you. This is the only way we can guarantee our customers maximum efficiency and quality.

Our team is constantly searching the world over for formulas in harmony with nature, and thanks to the development of scientific laboratory techniques, we are able to respect both the skin and the environment.

Each member of our team fully shares our vision and mission on a daily basis, searching for the best sustainable solution for you, together with the best evolving beauty performance.

Together with us, you have the opportunity to buy ethically, responsibly and topically.