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VERAIS was created to meet the needs of our clients with the best products in the world of cosmetics and general well-being. We constantly focus on the relationship between nature and humanity, while always trying to be as eco-friendly as possible.

VERAIS is the online boutique that respects every single client’s expression, it embraces imperfections and celebrates beauty in all of it’s forms.


We only select the latest generation of international brands, which create responsible and highly performing formulas.

Innovative blends of science and natural chemistry are carefully researched by our team of experts, who are always ready to offer advice on every single purchase.



Together, we travel the world in search of innovative and revolutionary products, in order to quickly bring them to today’s market at competitive prices.

We constantly boost our team with enthusiasm and together we search for new drive and motivations that directly affect the quality of our brand.


The company was created by combining two unique forces from two special countries, Italy and Spain. Two entrepreneurs in the field of global supply of cosmetics, cosmetic surgery equipment and first class treatments.

Determined to cover all aspects of the beauty world, their desire is to be able to offer unique products, with formulations designed in total respect for the skin and the environment.